2022年に発表したAfter Darkの木製ヴァージョンである。

アルミニウムで椅子をデザインし始めて6年目となるが、椅子の形状によっては、少し厚みを変えるだけで、合板でも同じデザインが成り立つことが次第に分かってきた。特に「After Dark」のように、平板が中心の形状や、曲面を使用していても二次曲面であり、その接合部が金属溶接のように一体化しなくてもよい場合、合板に置き換えやすい。それに、アルミニウムの椅子をデザインしている際も、形状を最終決定する前に、毎回のように合板で実物大のモックアップを作っている。「After Dark」のモックアップを制作していた際、アルミニウムを前提とした合板の厚みでは、揺れが大きいものの、少し厚みを変えれば、合板で成り立つであろうと予測はしていた(合板のモックアップは、2022年3月の個展で展示している)。また、アルミニウムでは得ることが出来ない多少の揺れも、合板の特徴だと感じていた。

試作の段階では、「After Dark」と全く同じ形状で座面には曲げ合板を使用して厚みは1.1mmだけ厚くした5.1mm厚とし、側板は3mm厚くした9mm厚の合板とした。試作は揺れが少し気になったので、最終的には、座面を6.8mm厚とし、座面を支える二つの部材の交点を最小限の相欠きにすることで揺れを吸収した。重量を軽くするためにも、出来るだけ薄く仕上げる検討を重ね、側板の厚みはそのままとしたが、揺れはほとんど気にならず、簡単に運べる重さとなった。
また、「After Dark」と大きく違うところは、座面の裏側などを塗装したことである。座面の浮遊感を増し、円弧の独立した存在感を強調している。


It is a wooden version of "After Dark" released in 2022.

It's been six years since I started designing chairs with aluminum, and I've gradually come to realize that depending on the shape of the chair, the same design can be achieved with plywood just by changing the thickness slightly. In particular, like "After Dark", it is easy to replace with plywood because it is composed of the flat plate, even the curved surface is applied, if it is quadratic surface and its joints do not need to be integrated like metal welding, there is no problem there. And when I'm designing an aluminum chair, I always make a full-scale mock-up out of plywood before finalizing the design. When I was creating the mockup for "After Dark" with the thickness of the plywood, which was supposed to be aluminum, it would sway a lot, but I predicted that it would work if the thickness was slightly changed (the plywood mock-up was on display at the solo exhibition in March 2022). In addition, I felt that plywood was characterized by a certain amount of shaking that could not be obtained with aluminum.

At the prototype stage, we used bent plywood for the seat surface in exactly the same shape as After Dark, with the thickness increased by 1.1 mm to be 5.1 mm, and the side panels increased by 3 mm to be 9 mm. I was a little worried about the shaking of the prototype, so in the end, I made the seat 6.8mm thick and the joint detail between the two members, that support the seat, changed to be a halving joint to absorb the shaking. In order to lighten the weight, we well-considered how to make it as thin as possible. It ended up being an easy-to-carry weight.
Also, the big difference from "After Dark" is that the back of the seat is painted in color. The floating feeling of the seat surface is enhanced, and the independent presence of the arc is emphasized.

"ARK" was the project number given by chance, but it was later found to mean "the ark that Noah escaped from the great flood", so we named the work as it was.
In addition, "ARK" is considering making it into a series, and mock-ups of "ARK-2", which is a sofa type, and "ARK-3", which has a backrest attached to "ARK-1", have just been completed.
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この作品は、桑沢デザイン研究所における2022年度 教員研修会の助成により制作されました。

■ Chair
material: plywood
manufacture: Manaka-Mokkousho Inc.
design year: 2022.04-2022.12
*This project is supported by Kuwasawa Design School Research grant 2022.